MEE-THD 2019

Incorporating New Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Goal Systems Was Awarded an Aid to Finance the “DI-BUS Tracking: Dynamic and Intelligent Tracking of Bus Transport” Project Implementation

This aid was awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, via the THD – 1/2019, for the granting of aids to implement projects in the field of Digital Enabling Technologies, within the 2017-2020Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation State Program.

As for the operation stage the need for an intelligent operation control system is not covered, we decided to pull for this industrial research project in order to create, within a test environment, a real-time tracking system that provides a robust, optimal, automatic and recovery framework to face the events and contingencies that may arise during the bus transport operation. As a result of this project, we will obtain a Dynamic and Intelligent Bus Transport System (DI-BUS Tracking).

We believe that both increasing the capacity of computers to collect all data received from the involved ICT systems and to solve instances of huge issues, and advancing and integrating the artificial intelligence should provide, in real time and at a reasonable cost, information to apply recovery algorithms in the face of interruptions and reprogram resources and routes in real time to overcome any type of event that generates impact.

The tool we want to develop within this project is an intelligent system that provides valuable support to those responsible people for taking the decisions in real time when events related to the transport operation occur.

The developed system will warn the malfunctions in the operations, notice potential errors that are likely to occur, it will suggest alternative solutions that are guided by the application of the knowledge of the expert dispatcher (technicians responsible for the operation control), together with processes and techniques that are included under the wings of Artificial Intelligence: Data Mining and Machine Learning, one of the THD considered. The result of the project is intended to provide dynamism to the transport operation management, in relation to real-time monitoring of the services provided and the control of unforeseen events that may affect the performance of this operation.

This way, we wish to create a technologically advanced product that, when integrating it with our tools (GoalBus® or DOMweb), is offered as an accurate and holistic system able to respond to the tactical and operational planning stages, and the control of the operation stage in real time.