The French transport company T2C places its trust in Goal Systems’ technology to optimise its planning processes, and to improve the quality of its service

The French company T2C, which is responsible for public transport in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, has placed its trust in the technology developed by Goal Systems, the world leader in optimisation software for the passenger transport industry, in order to improve its operations and customer care. This digital commitment is a part of the French company’s sustainable transformation plan, with which it seeks to achieve a more sustainable and low-emissions transport.

The pioneering planning technology developed by Goal Systems will enable a more intelligent and efficient automation and management of the multimodal operations of a vehicle fleet that consists of nearly 180 diesel, natural gas and electric buses, and around 30 trams.

Towards an optimised urban transport

The optimisation solutions provided by Goal Systems will help to improve transport in the city of Clermont-Ferrand, which is located in the heart of the Massif Central in south-central France. The solutions developed by this Spanish company will automate the route and driver schedule planning processes, while also boosting T2C’s strategic plan aimed at implementing a fleet of electric vehicles.

Goal Systems’ software will allow T2C to rationalise their work processes for planning, which will facilitate an optimal and effective calculation of how to best use their vehicles. Additionally, the company will be able to automatically assign drivers, in full compliance with labour conditions and different collective agreements, thanks to the flexible parameters of the company tool. This solution will help to manage changes in passenger demand and provide an optimal and rapid response to any incidents.

These advances will contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and enhancing route flow, thus leading to an urban mobility that is more respectful of the environment.

Improved driver satisfaction

Additionally, T2C has also made a commitment to improving the labour management of its more than 900 employees, thanks to the integration of a web portal for managing vacations, absences and shift exchanges between drivers.

Thanks to the innovative technology of Goal Systems, we can take better decisions, based on data, in order to maximise the quality of our journeys, both in buses and in trams. At T2C, our goal is to make public transport the people’s first choice when it comes to travelling in our region, and we are convinced that technologies such as Goal Systems will help us achieve it”, stated Fréderic Dubru, the head of operations projects at T2C.

The Regional Director of Goal Systems, Aiman Cheikhi, also said that “improved sustainability and efficiency are some of the biggest challenges faced by urban transport in the post-pandemic world. Our smart planning solutions are intended to optimise every journey as much as possible. We’re very happy that our technology helps citizens as well as tourists who travel through Clermont-Ferrand to enjoy high-quality transport”.

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