Goal Systems’ mobile application helps urban mobility companies to optimise their processes

The mobile version of Goal Systems’ solution makes it easier for the bus sector to access all its resources anytime, anywhere. The technology has been designed for the Brazilian bus company Saritur.

Technology has been a great ally for many companies in various segments, and when it comes to urban mobility the scenario is no different. Today, it plays a key role in defining the trends that will drive the market and the future of cities.

In this context, many passenger transport companies are already incorporating new tools to their operation, whose objective is to improve the processes already carried out, optimising the service time and reducing the costs related to the operations.

Goal Systems, world leader in optimisation software for the passenger transport industry, has adapted its GoalBus solution, developed for the planning and optimisation of vehicles and personnel, for bus passenger transport companies, to the mobile version, making it possible for the managers of the Brazilian company Saritur, an urban passenger transport operator, to access the information anywhere, visualise it, understand it and even make the necessary adjustments, allowing actions in real time.

Bruno Cezar Viana Fagundes, operations analyst at Saritur explained: “with Goal’s tool we can access the planning information from anywhere,, via smartphone or tablet, anticipating actions that streamline the daily operation”.

Better bus travel experience

GoalBus is a versatile and customisable software, which allows optimising the scheduling of vehicles and drivers, as well as other employees involved in the operation. It offers the possibility to program schedules, services and employee shifts automatically, thus achieving a high level of efficiency and, in addition, considerable cost savings for transport companies.

In addition to its calculation capabilities, the solution is easy to parameterise, has an intuitive design and can incorporate new operating rules and perform simulations. With the new mobile version of GoalBus, it is possible to access all these resources quickly and easily, anytime and anywhere.

GoalBus generates, in an optimised way, the service schedules of the buses and the shifts of the drivers, by means of calculations that search for the best initiatives for the company. The mobile version is available through the SaaS (Software as a Service) model, which includes the necessary licenses, implementation, maintenance and hosting of the data in the cloud, making the solution secure and more economical.

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