Romano Garcia, director of Goal Systems’ Brazil office, attended and participated in the 19th UITP Latin American Assembly, which promised to present global mobility trends in the context of Latin America.

It was attended by associations, regulatory authorities, operating companies and members of the technology industry, among others, in order to assess the new city context and mobility customers, as well as the investments needed to achieve these objectives. In particular, the digitisation of mobility was discussed with all its impacts, both in terms of integration, operation of multimodal systems, financing policies, contracts and technological issues, as well as in terms of payment systems, monitoring, planning and service platforms.

Romano was a speaker at the session aimed at presenting the technological transformations that the city of Vitória (Brazil) and its metropolitan area, in the state of Espírito Santo, demand today.

He explained how these technologies have been promoting the development of the public transport system, exemplifying this fact in our project to implement GoalBus regulator and operator, which plans and optimises the operation of 1,600 buses operated by up to 11 Brazilian operating companies in the aforementioned city.

In this project, the government regulator is CETURB (Companhia de Transportes Urbanos da Grande Vitória), which was in charge of generating the timetables for the vehicles, while the operators were in charge of assigning the staff. These tasks are now carried out by GoalBus in a much more efficient, faster, optimal and intelligent way.

And why choose Goal Systems?

The most important difference of our tool with respect to others on the market is the demand module, which receives data from the operation (such as the electronic fare collection system and the SAE) to cross-reference them, obtaining the vehicle occupancy rate. In this way, an origin-destination matrix can be assembled and is constantly updated. And it is as a result of the latter that we offer an optimised offer, so that many operational costs are saved without forgetting good customer service.

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