GOAL Systems successfully implements its ALSA Al Baida project on Casablanca buses

GOAL Systems, a global provider of state-of-the-art resource planning and optimization software for the transport industry, successfully implements its ALSA Al Baida project for city buses in Casablanca, Morocco’s economic and commercial capital.

This project consists of the GoalBus® and GoalStaff® products implementation and deployment, which allow an optimal generation of schedules, the best planning of vehicles and drivers, as well as other work groups, that is, inspectors, reviewers, maintenance personnel, safety, etc.

These GOAL Systems tools also offer resource control and daily replanning of solutions to achieve excellent results in all transport operations.

The implementation has been carried out in a total of 700 buses, which serve 53 urban lines of the Moroccan city.

The ALSA Al Baida project, which began to materialize in July of this year, has met both the deadlines and the budget allocated for its development.

In addition, with this action, we integrate with several internal customer systems such as the SAE (Operating Assistance Systems), a set of solutions that combine different technologies to improve the service and management of means of transport, such as regulating and managing in real time the available resources.

It should be noted that this implementation is a clear case of business success because our customers have obtained very positive results with the hiring of GOAL Systems products and services.

Thanks to tools such as GoalBus® and GoalStaff®, excellent planning is being achieved that improves the operation of the transport system.

The ALSA Group, a leading operator in the Spanish passenger by road transport sector, belonging to the British group National Express, has trusted Goal Systems to carry out the implementation and deployment of their solutions, with the aim of planning their operation in the different transport businesses they manage.

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