ISMS Policy


The Policy of GOAL SYSTEMS SL is oriented towards the efficient fulfilment of the mission entrusted to it: Design and Development of Solutions and Software, Implementation and consultancy associated with the Software, Maintenance of the solutions.

The Management is the maximum authority of GOAL SYSTEMS SL in matters of Information Security; and assumes the role of driving force in this strategy, motivating and promoting the participation of all company personnel in related activities, in preventive detection and in taking actions for the continuous improvement of the same.

Aware of the importance of customer satisfaction and the need to provide quality services while maintaining information under parameters of confidentiality, availability, integrity and traceability, the management has decided to implement an Information Security Management System – ISMS, based on the guidelines of ISO 27001:2013.

To this end, it has been decided to promote this policy with the aim of:

  1. To adapt the organisation of the company to the demands of a changing and competitive market, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients, through continuous improvement and the participation of all the people in the company, and ensuring that the information it handles to carry out its activity is under strict security controls.
  2. To evaluate, analyse and constantly improve the company’s processes in relation to the quality of its services, as well as to prevent non-compliances that may occur in accordance with the stipulated quality on the basis of a permanent improvement in quality, profitability and competitiveness; and to avoid or minimise risks.
  3. Ensure compliance with internal and external technical, regulatory and normative requirements for its services and products.
  4. To provide the framework for establishing the Objectives on the basis of which to achieve continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System – ISMS.

Revised and approved by Management in November 2023.