Intelligent solution for the logical and optimised planning of schedules, material and personnel, and the allocation of your resources for the operation of urban bus, intercity bus and electric vehicle passenger transport.

Improving the quality of your bus fleet planning

We help you to make the best use of your resources while meeting the needs of your customers. With GoalBus we facilitate the optimised planning of both urban and interurban buses, including your fleet of electric vehicles. With this solution, you will be able to carry out all kinds of simulations to analyse and assess any change in your environment.

An efficient and punctual service


We help you with the management of your fleet’s material and personal resources, reducing the number of daily incidents and their impact on the service.

Monitoring and decision making.


Through greater insight into the day-to-day operations of your resources, our solution helps you improve your planning and decision-making capabilities.

Driver satisfaction


You, better than anyone, know your team, but we help you to coordinate and organise all their groups, considering their needs and preferences when it comes to reconciling work and free time.

Optimised planning


We help you to make simulations, which allows you to anticipate all kinds of situations and changes for all bus services in a more efficient way, reducing decision-making times and knowing the cost of these decisions.

Solutions focused on savings


Our technology favours savings in structural and operational costs, optimising fleet sizing, location and arrangement of depots, and reducing unproductive costs or empty journeys.


Electric vehicle planning

GoalBus enables the planning of electric vehicles. This technology helps you to easily configure and manage the specific constraints and operating parameters of buses, batteries, and chargers.

With this solution, you will be able to make your schedules including different types of buses and batteries, as well as the capacity of the recharging points, the management of the autonomy of the batteries and the recharging times, making the operation more efficient and sustainable.

An optimal and complete solution for urban and intercity transport

Optimal creation of timetables, bus services and drivers.

Planning refuelling or electric recharging, and other bus and driver tasks.

Communication with management systems, passenger information systems, and any other system.

Communication with management systems, passenger information systems, and any other system.

Creación de informes

Creation of reports, indicators, and metrics.

Optimal allocation of vehicles and drivers for the operation.

Gestión de tareas

Incident and task management with drivers using applications.

portal empleado

Employee portal to manage changes, requests and preferences. Integration with payroll systems.

Employee portal to manage changes, requests and preferences. Integration with payroll systems.

Entornos on premise

Solutions in SaaS and On-Premise environments.


“As routes were added, we had to rethink the entire route system we had in Panama and San Miguelito. This new organisation demanded a planning system for the operation itself and for the itineraries, which is why we acquired the Goal Systems service that has helped us to make much more efficient use of state resources for the good of the users”.


Luis Campana, General and President of the Board of Directors of MiBus – Panama

“Public transport in the Metropolitan Region of Vitoria has undergone very rapid and impactful transformations in recent years, exacerbated by the pandemic. GVBUS has reinvented itself in the last two years and the initiative to optimise planning is in line with the self-sustainability strategy of our business for the coming years. The various clients served by Goal Systems in Brazil motivated us to close this partnership, which aims to optimise the planning of the entire Transcol system”.


Murilo Lara, member of the GVBUS Management Committee – Brazil

“Thanks to Goal Systems’ innovative technology, we can make better, data-driven decisions to maximise the quality of all our bus and tram journeys. At T2C we aim to make public transport the first choice for citizens to get around our region and we are confident that technologies such as Goal Systems will help us to achieve this”.


Fréderic Dubru, Head of Operations Projects, Municipal Public Transport Company T2C, Clermont-Ferrand, – France.


Get the most out of comprehensive maintenance service

We support you in all phases of the project, from requirements gathering, implementation or consultancy and optimisation, to support after production start-up. We want to be your long-term partner.

Our comprehensive support and advice service includes:

Personalised attention from our experts

Multi-language support

Methodologies based on ITIL recommendations

Efficient response to planning, optimisation and troubleshooting

Delivery of new versions and training