Improving Intelligent Transport

Plan passenger transport in a dynamic, efficient, and optimised way.

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Sustainable and efficient mobility  

Public transport is part of, but also a promoter of, the new technological revolution that is the Smart City. The mobility of tomorrow has already arrived and it is sustainable, intermodal and focused on the passenger experience, but also needs to be efficient and linked to cost and time savings. .

Goal Systems’ solutions help drive smart public transport in Cities and e-mobility makes for more innovative solutions for operators and more accessible services for passengers.

Our optimised technology for bus, metro, train and tram helps our customers improve their resource planning in order to make better decisions and provide better service to passengers.  

Solutions for optimised planning

With our optimised planning solutions we drive public transport towards intelligent mobility.  

Thanks to our intelligent staff and material resource allocation technology, you can program schedules and tasks quickly and efficiently. In this way, we help you reduce operating costs, improve processes and increase service quality.  .  

Our technology, coupled with your planning experience and expertise, will enable you to drive a more profitable operation. 

We have a suite of solutions for the different modes of transport: bus, both long and short distance, train, metro and tram. 


Optimising electric mobility

Zero-emission transport is playing an increasingly important role in cities. Electric and hydrogen  fleets  require new forms of management that allow them to take full advantage of their sustainability.

How to lead the transformation of transport? 

As a transport operator or regulatory authority, it is key to improve the quality of life and standard of living in our cities. Planning supported by smart technology will allow you to ensure the most optimal sizing and use of resources. Together, we can improve the quality of service and the passenger experience on the train, bus or metro.

Today’s mobility demands technologies that facilitate the daily work of our drivers. Our solutions make it easier for them to be satisfied, as they allow them to plan according to their needs and preferences when it comes to balancing work and leisure time, without affecting the operation. 

At Goal Systems we help you to optimise your planning. With our technology you will be able to conduct simulations, anticipate all kinds of situations and changes demanded by the services and have greater control of the operation. Thanks to this, you will be able to make more informed decisions and improve the quality of the service and the passenger experience.  



The bus is the most flexible and economical means of transport. The intelligent allocation of vehicles and drivers will allow you to improve the quality of the service.


The metro is the means of transport with the highest capacity and speed in most cities. Incorporating optimised planning solutions will allow you to gain in agility and speed of response to service incidents or changes in passenger demand.


Rail offers citizens a fast, comfortable, and environmentally friendly way to get around. Better planning will help you meet the challenges facing the rail sector.


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