Optimising end-to-end planning

Optimised solutions for you

Our suite of solutions for bus, rail and metro help you optimise your passenger transport planning processes and make intermodality a reality for passengers.

“Goal Systems excels in offering the latest technology to optimise the planning of material, technical and human resources. The partnership has grown steadily in recent years as KeolisAmey Docklands has entrusted more operations and key tasks to Goal Systems. Goal Systems has adapted its approach to the UK market and has introduced robust, standardised and automated solutions that are driving a more efficient and cost-effective operation with high levels of internal and external customer satisfaction”.

Natalia Pickett

Head of Procurement de KeolisAmey Docklands | London – UK

Intelligent solution for the logical and optimised planning of schedules, material and personnel, and the allocation of your resources for the operation of urban bus, intercity bus and electric vehicle passenger transport. Get the most out of comprehensive maintenance service We support you in all phases of the project, from requirements gathering, implementation or consultancy […]

Intelligent solution for optimised planning of resources, material and personnel, and their allocation, as well as maintenance in rail passenger transport. It optimises the management of rail networks and helps to reduce operating costs.

Intelligent solution for optimised personnel and material planning for metro and tram transport, as well as for use and manoeuvring in stations and depots. It improves the quality and efficiency of processes and reduces operating costs. Get the most out of comprehensive maintenance service We support you in all phases of the project, from requirements […]

Intelligent solution for optimised logical planning of personnel, whether drivers or other professional profiles working in shifts, as well as their allocation, improving the efficiency of the operation and the quality of life of the employees.  We help you to improve your human resources planning, regardless of the sector and size of your company. Our […]

Benefits for your daily operation

Our solutions allow you to gain clear advantages in the day to day management of your resources and people.

Improved service


Our technology makes it possible to improve the quality of service provision and daily operations, better match supply with demand and facilitate connections between different modes of transport.

Greater driver satisfaction


Our solutions help you manage your team’s shifts, breaks or holidays, favouring work-life balance.

Optimised control of the operation


Increased knowledge and control of related costs and a very broad definition of KPIs and ratios.

Smarter planning


Ability to perform simulations, reduce repetitive tasks and help transform Big Data into actions to streamline decision making.

Savings in investment and operating costs


Short-term economic benefits through efficient sizing of operational resources.