Metrobus, Mexico City’s bus rapid transit system, will have a new fleet management system to manage its fleet from 2023. And it will be Sonda, the Chilean company, who will drive the technological leap in the system, which carries 1.7 million passengers a day.

The objectives of this project are to build a new Operational Control Centre (OCC) and a data centre, which will provide support for managing the concessionaires’ operating plans. Technological devices will also be incorporated, such as control cameras for users and drivers, a fleet positioning integration system, online passenger counting, telemetry to make the frequency of routes more efficient and electronic panels to alert travellers of journey times.

Metrobus has also required a planning solution, for which it has once again chosen Goal Systems’ technology. Our GoalBus tool provides the planning of timetables and services of bus fleets, and optimises the operational exploitation of the lines. Likewise, it is in charge of the mileage distribution of its different operators.

The truth is that the relationship of Goal Systems with Metrobus is not recent, since we have been working together since 2013, which has always been a great challenge due to the dimensions and needs of a large city like Mexico City, which has a fleet of more than 800 buses divided into 7 lines covering 174.6 kilometres of the capital. All this requires a customised technology with specific particularities, which is why the development and evolution of GoalBus functionalities has been vital.

But the current reality and the progress of the city will always demand more, and in this new stage, we will add the functionalities mentioned below, which will further optimise Metrobus resources:

After all, no one in the bus planning and optimisation market knows the needs of Metrobus better than Goal Systems. That is why we were the clear winner in the selection process during the tender: this knowledge and being the technological differentiator in the market set us apart from the other participants. GoalBus is exactly what Metrobus demands to plan and optimise the complex bus system of Mexico City.

Now we can only think about working hand in hand with Sonda to make the project a success, and the first step will be to develop a 360-degree integration of all systems, with the clear objective of achieving growth and great synergies together.

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